You Can Youth

Crowswood Park

An ongoing project and collaboration with my local residents group.

I was invited to get involved with a transformation of the local youth and community HUB and it is planned that we will bring in some of the ReCreate Arts and Crafts as well. For now I have been mostly digging, shifting, prepping and painting as well as helping with the family fun day activities.

Terry D who does nearly all of the care taking by himself there has been an inspiration, if I have half as much energy in me when i reach his age, I will be chuffed. He shares our values of upcycling materials and between us, the garden and kids play area have undergone a dramatic change since starting in March 2018. We are now hoping to bring a splash of colour to the portacabin and hope to create a mural down one side as well as adding signage and decoration around the park.