With a regular shows to prepare for, a dedicated audience and the challenge to carry on collecting and sharing great music; live streaming is proving to be a worthwhile outlet for my creativity.

It's not quite the same as playing in person but it does feel de-isolating to know we are enjoying something together.


This week on twitch tv

Wednesday 20:00-23:00 - Global Eclectic Music Show - Radio format with new tunes and old favourites mixed with topical content, chat and random quizzes.

Saturday 21:00-00:00 - Party Mix - A clubbing style special. Mashing up everything funky and uplifting from the world of dance music. Giving shout outs over the mic.

Goto twitch.tv/dj_mattcatt to view and to join in chat please follow me there.


Party Mix

mattcatt at Oldham R.P. 2019

About Matt Catt

For many years I have worked as a DJ and in production for clubs, parties and festivals. I'm best known for my Global sound that mashes up music from all over the world and have done countless gigs and shows for online radio.

However I am more than just 'that guy' who mixes great music. I work behind the scenes on events production and in the studio to create and edit content. I have also been the goto guy for many who needed help with their machines or with completing a project doing anything from artwork to zip-filing. I also provide technical support and creative services to voluntary groups as i develop my own portfolio for future social action projects & events.

Event Management - Mixed Media - Design to Delivery

Production and Performance - Community Development - Sustainability

How you can help

The corona virus lockdown couldn't of been more inhibiting for all of us working in events. Whist online shows and live streaming does provide a point of contact and a creative outlet, typical consumption habits make it hard to monetize without moving over to a pay-to-participate platform.

Meanwhile venues remain closed and redundancies are banging in the final nails. More can be done by our governments but also between audiences and their chosen entertainment streams.

I currently have options to subscribe on my channel and collect donations through my paypal page. I've looked into other methods and direct donations works best for me. You can give as little or as much as you like, and for the more-generous amongst you I shall be sending unique gifts and offers to DJ either online or in person once restrictions are eased.

Support your local community arts and events providers. Pay a Pal today!

I am available for (zoom based) 121 tech sessions, digital services,
project and event development and creative social action.