2021 Show Notes

New telegram social at t.me/djmattcatt

My livestreams on twitch have been running for a year now and it's been a lot of fun.

After a steady year of twice weekly shows, it's time to free up Saturdays to do gigs in the real world. Wednesday's G.E.M.S. will continue, with the usual blend of great sounds from all around.

As for weekends: I am dusting off my old laptop based streaming setup so I can plug in and test from various locations on my travels. I can't guarantee when and how it will happen but if you are following me then you will get a notification of a live show or maybe a short clip drop to telegram. Feel free to share my flyers on your social channels and invite your friends to my shows. Don't expect me to go cajoling on the other social platforms just yet as my screen time is way too valuable but you are welcome to share my content with your friends and followers.

Whilst I have enjoyed the online social club atmosphere we have created together, I am keen to be partying in person again. Thanks to all of you have supported me during lockdown and let's get those dance floors and festival stages vibing once more. Hasta la fiesta x

Remember you can also have a free twitch subscription if you are an amazon prime customer. It's a win win situation as you support your favourite streamers.

Global Eclectic Music Show.

Wednesdays from 8-11pm (uk+1)

A mixed bag of pure GEMS
Global beats with Eclectic style.

Chatroom - Shout-outs - Bantz.

mattcatt at Oldham R.P. 2019

About Matt Catt

For many years I have worked as a DJ and in production for clubs, parties and festivals. I'm best known for my Global sound that mashes up music from all over the world and have done countless gigs and shows for online radio.

However I am more than just 'that guy' who mixes great music; I work behind the scenes on events production and in the studio to create and edit content. I have also been the goto guy for many who needed help with their workflow or with completing a project doing anything from artwork to zoom meetings. I provide practical support and creative problem solving as I develop my own portfolio for social action projects & events both online and in the real world.

Event Management - Mixed Media - Design to Delivery
Production and Performance - Community Development - Sustainability

300W PA for small events.

How you can help

It's been quite a year since Covid19 happened, I am grateful to those around me who helped get me through this and the levels of support shared within our community. As we look forward to venues re-opening; we also have to open to the reality that events will be very different now and bio-security controls affecting everything through the insurance and licensing process. For artists this will effect fees, value and of course compliancy. I am already prepared as much as possible whilst increasing my natural resilience to the changes, I'm grateful for my time learning to work more sustainably and have avoided unmanageable overheads and crippling debt. That said my work still costs me to create and connect so I do have to consider my revenue streams.

I currently have options to subscribe on my twitch channel and collect cash donations through my paypal page. You can give as little or as much as you like, and for the more-generous among you I shall be sending unique gifts and offers to DJ either online or in person once restrictions are eased.

Support your local community arts and events providers.

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