Dear Principal or Subject Coordinator, 

Hello. My name is Matt Burns.

I am a Year 5 teacher at Inaburra school. Inaburra is a K-12 co-educational independent school in the Sutherland Shire. I am currently completing a Masters of Education degree (majoring in Technology) at Wollongong University and have 18 years teaching experience.

Perhaps you have heard of ‘flipping the classroom’. This is a type of instruction developed by Americans Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams in their 2012 text ‘Flip Your Classroom’. 

This type of instruction relies on the use of videos providing lecture content to students, thus freeing up more time in the classroom for teachers to act in a one on one, or one on small group, capacity with students.

There are numerous other benefits to this type of instruction as well. 

I have been exploring this technique in my classroom for about three years now. I have made some mistakes, and experienced some successes.

I have led the development and implementation of this type of instruction across the entirety of the K-12 staff. Teachers in the junior, middle and seniors schools have followed my lead and started to successfully incorporate this type of instruction into their classrooms. There is very little difference in the translation between junior and senior schools. I would like to offer your staff some encouragement and support with moving in a similar direction. 

I am at the point now where I am comfortable in regarding this as a very effective tool in differentiating student instruction and improving student learning. I have both qualitative and quantitative data to support this.

If you are interested in sharing this teaching strategy with your staff, I believe I may be of some use. I can present this technique, its benefits and a 'how-to' in a non-threatening, engaging manner, through a 30 minute session. You might find this a useful way to expose some of your team to this new way of teaching.

If you would like me to come and share with your staff, please do let me know. A record of my journey in ‘flipping’ the classroom is available at my blog here: http://flippingmyprimaryclassroom.blogspot.com.au

Of particular interest are the quantitative student result comparisons posted June 3 2013 and the qualitative student survey results posted May 19 2014. 

If you would like to see the website I have built (assisting me in flipping the classroom, and again, quite simple to do) please have a look here:


Thanks for your time. I know how busy educators are. I am one.

Matt Burns

0411 824 123

HSIE Coordinator (Junior School)

Flipped Classroom Coach K-12



Matt Burns - Flip Your Classroom