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2006 Updates:

Sept 9th - Tuning the stang

Well I have sold my tweecer r/t to get some extra travelling cash since I am leaving Oct 1st.  So I decided to bump my timing up to 14* and I finally feel that I got my fuel pressure worked out to a nice level and solved my backfiring issue.  The stang seems to be running as stong as it has in a while but I still have a small issue to work out, which is it stalling when warm at stoplights etc.  Im going to turn up my idle from 600rpm to about 750rpm and hopefully that will help.

Aug 26th - Show & Shine

I decided to take my car to the Esquimalt Show & Shine.  Its the 1st car show I have had my car in.  It was a open show to any make, model, or generation.  

There were many classics there and a few stangs from vistangers.ca

Here are some of my favorite pics from the show click for larger 800x600 pics: 


May 9th -Small Stang Meet

Met up with a few of the local stang guys for a cruise.  Was deffently a good time as you can tell by the following videos/pictures.




May 5 - Waxed 'n' Polished

Waxed up the stang!  I tried some new products rather then just the good old meguires 3 step I went for some ClearKote products and I was amazed, they work awesome. 

(check out the before/after shots below)   

I use my portercable 7424 (deffently a must) with some new lake country pads I bought.  I first applied a layer of Clearkotes Vanilla moose hand glaze to remove some light swirls, then Red Moose Machine Glaze to bring up a nice shine and topped it with Carnuba Moose wax to protect it.  If you have laser red deffently give ClearKote a shot!

Before Shots:  

 and After Shots:



May 2- Crusin'

Met up with stanger from our local forum and went for a cruise thru town, so nice to have the car back on the road. 

 Took some nice pics with his digicam. 

April 28 - Back on the road!!!

 I finally insured my car and got it taken to my mechanic to finish up the brake work and install a new M/C.  
Picked up the car and took it for a spin, the new brakes make a  hudge diffrence and look great too.