Special Dinners


           Matsuya Japanese Restaurant

           松屋レストラン                                                                                                                                  MATSUYA HOMEPAGE



会席 KAISEKI - Traditional Japanese style course meals

            Zenesai - sampling of 3 special appetizers of the day Sunomono - cucumber seaweed marinade             Nimono - stewed Japanese roots and vegetables Yakimono- *beef, chicken, salmon, or mackerel Tempura - crispy fried shrimp and vegetables 

      UME KAISEKI                          $19.50

           +Choice of sushi or sashimi appetizer                        TAKE KAISEKI                         $26.00

            ++Add chawanmushi (savory egg custard)           MATSU KAISEKI                     $30.00

YASAI KAISEKI - with tofu subsitutes and vegetable sushi              野菜会席                                                       $19.00

SHOKADO BENTO - specially prepared sampler similar to the kaiseki, presented in bento box. Includes sashimi, nimono, tempura, and choice of grilled item           松花度堂弁当           $19.50




Hot pot cooking at your table.

( Requires two or more people. Priced per person.  )

SUKIYAKI - thin sliced strip loin, simmered with a variety of vegetables in a hot pot sweet sukiyaki sauce.             すきやき    $17.00/serving

SHABUSHABU - thinly sliced beef & vegetables, lightly cooked ("shabu-shabu") in pot of simmering seaweed broth. Served with ponzu sauce, spicy radish, & scallions                   しゃぶしゃぶ                                $17.00/serving

MIZUKTAI - Chicken and vegetables cooked in a hot pot.  Served with ponzu sauce, spicy radish, & scallions.  みずたき          $16.00/serving

SEAFOOD NABE - fish, scallops, squid, clams, & soft shell crab cooked in a light broth with vegetables.   Served with ponzu, spicy radish & scallions.         海鮮寄せ鍋        $21.00/serving