Petite Entrees

           Matsuya Japanese Restaurant     松屋レストラン  メニュー

859.746.1199                                    MATSUYA HOMEPAGE 



どんぶり・お重 DONBURI rice bowls with various toppings. Served with miso soup and pickles.

TENDON - shrimp and vegetable tempura drizzled with thickened tempura sauce.             天丼           $9.00

KATSUDON - panko battered pork cutlets, cooked in an egg sautee with vegetables.                                                       カツ丼                                       $12.95

UNAGIDON - grilled eel served with unagi sauce                       うなぎ丼              $12.95

OYAKODON - chicken stir fried in an egg sautee with veggies 親子丼                                      $10.95



YAKISOBA - pan fried noodles with chicken and vegetables      焼きそば                                    $ 7.50

RAMEN - basic soysauce based noodle soup, garnished with roasted pork, fish cake, and spinach                                   ラーメン                                      $ 7.75

MISO RAMEN - a hearty miso based noodle soup, topped with pork stir fried fried with vegetables                                  味噌ラーメン                              $ 7.95

TONKOTSU RAMEN - pork bone broth noodle soup, topped with roast pork, bean sprouts, and pickles                        豚骨ラーメン                           $ 7.95

UDON - thick wheat noodles in a clear light broth                      TEMPURA UDON- topped with shrimp tempura           天ぷらうどん          $ 7.95                                 TSUKIMI UDON - topped with a poached egg                月見うどん                              $ 7.95                                 NABEYAKI UDON - combination cooked in a clay pot  鍋焼きうどん                              $10.25

SOBA - dark buckwheat noodles, served as a hot noodle soup or cold with a side of dipping sauce.                         TEMPURA SOBA - (hot) with shrimp tempura               天ぷらそば                             $ 8.95                                YAMAKAKE SOBA - (hot) w/ ground mountain potato 山かけそば                             $ 9.25                                ZARU SOBA - (cold) served with scallions & wasabi       ざるそば                                     $ 8.50                               TENZARU SOBA - (cold) with shrimp tempura              天ざるそば                                 $10.25                              TORORO SOBA - (cold) with ground mountain potato とろろそば                                  $10.25                              OROSHI SOBA - with ground daikon radish                   おろしそば                                  $ 9.50                               KORO SOBA - with tempura crunchies                           ころそば                                     $10.50



お茶漬け OCHAZUKE - rice in a tea or light broth                         UME CHAZUKE - topped w/ umeboshi (pickled plum) 梅茶漬け                              $ 6.50                                  SAKE CHAZUKE - topped w/ flakes of grilled salmon     鮭茶漬け                               $ 6.50                                  NORI CHAZUKE - topped w/ nori (dried seaweed)        のり茶漬け               $ 6.50                                 TARAKO CHAZUKE - topped w/ salted cod roe              たらこ茶漬け                     $ 6.50 

おにぎり ONIGIRI - rice ball wrapped in nori  and served with pickles. Choice of filling.                  $ 2.95  each OKAKA (bonito flakes), UME(pickled plum), SAKE(salmon), TARAKO(cod roe), NORI(seaweed)                おかか・梅・鮭・たらこ・のり おにぎり  $2.95 (一個)