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Homepages of Churches of Christ in Japan

 Matsudo Church of Christ:  The worship services of Matsudo Church of Christ are normally all in Japanese. At some of the Japanese congregations, there are some who speak English, but most of the worship services are conducted in Japanese.
Other useful English sites concerning Japanese evangelism may be found here.  The mail addresses of most Japanese Churches of Christ are found each year in the January issue of Fukuin Magazine. For further details you may write in Japanese to: 
For those seeking a one-page listing of Churches of Christ in Japan (in Japanese), please click the following link: 
Several of the smaller Ibaraki area Churches of Christ don't have a homepage of their own, so the following is a joint homepage made available for those in the Ibaraki area.

Ibaraki Area Church of Christ

Matsudo Church of Christ is not affiliated in any way with Tokyo Church of Christ, that is International Churches of Christ (ICOC) nor with the Boston Movement.

Omika Church of Christ

Hitachi Ota Church of Christ

Ishioka Church of Christ

Tomobe Church of Christ

Nogeyama Church of Christ

Numazu Church of Christ

Ochanomizu Church of Christ

Sharon Church of Christ

Tachikawa Church of Christ

Warabi Church of Christ

Yokota Church of Christ

Sagamidai Church of Christ

Most of these links to Churches of Christ in Japan are in the Japanese Language, although some have English pages as well.  Click on each church name to take you to their site.  If you have trouble "getting back" to Matsudo church site, go back to their original homepage.  We hope you find a Church of Christ in your area.