I am currently a Research Fellow in the School of Mathematics at Monash University with David Wood.  Previously, I enjoyed the hospitality of Université libre de Bruxelles with Samuel Fiorini Sapienza Università di Roma with Paul WollanSimon Fraser University with Matt DeVos and Luis Goddyn, KAIST with Sang-il Oumand CWI Amsterdam and Maastricht University with Bert Gerards.  I completed my PhD in the Department of Combinatorics & Optimization at the University of Waterloo.  My supervisor was Jim Geelen.

I am mainly interested in graphs, matroids, and combinatorial optimization, but I enjoy dabbling in other areas as well. You can get a feel for my mathematical tastes from my MathOverflow account.  I am also an editor of the Matroid Union Blog.  

My Erdős number is 2 (via Mike Molloy).  Click on the end of this sentence for my CV.