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Welcome to Graciosa's Main Church

Welcome to Graciosa's Main Church

 The Matriz Church, or Main Church, of de Santa Cruz da Graciosa, built towards the end of the 15th century, has a marked Gothic style, characteristic of the reign of King Dom Manuel I, which, despite having been diluted by various phases of reconstruction, still conserves significant features of this style, such as the baptismal chapel, with its wonderful dome

and rose window. The chuch, as a whole, has a rich, harmonious archictecture and its forefront, which is baroque, is framed by attractive, elaborate stone carving, endowing the building with a singular beauty.

     Today, the Matriz Church, is a compulsory stop on the tourist itinerary of visitors to the island. Famous art connoisseurs have bestowed lavish praise on this gracious monument, replete with art, in a range of styles of different periods. The church contains valuable objects of national and international recognition, such as the 16th century paintings on wood, also called 16th century tableaux, or simply the Matriz Originals.


Other paintings are worthy of mention, in particular two paintings of Sino- Portuguese expression, which were exhibited at the Monastery of São Vicente de Fora during the commemorations of the "Meeting of Cultures - (Centuries of Portuguese Missionary Service". They were then sent to Rome, and finally to Japan, where they remained for fifteen months in an international exhibition, which was shown in five cities of that great country.

According to Professor Vítor Serrão, "The Matriz Church of Santa Cruz da Graciosa, which contains 16th century paintings, is one of the most remarkeble churches in the archipelago of the Azores, and, for its architecture (from the end of the 15th century, Renaissance reconstruction c. 1523- 59 and baroque additions from the reign of King João, from 1732 to 1744) deserves to be classified as a National Monument".

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