Update 2013, this hasn't changed much, added a few.

Here you will find links to all of the places I find useful and/or fun. 

  • Graphics
    • Anim8or
      • Anim8or itself is great free modeling and animation program
      • MP3D's site great for tutorials and other good stuff
      • more to come
    • Endorphin
      • Endorphin is an awesome ragdoll simulator that also can create realistic motion of balance and such free version can only export avi files
      • nothing else really the endorphin site has all you really need
    • Pov-Ray 
    • Blender3D
      • Blender itself is a feature rich free open source modelling and animation program
  • Programming
    • Java
      • As most of my programming is in Java i think i should link to it 
      • many more links to tutorials to come
    • C++
    • Books
      • Java All-in-One Desk reference for dummies
      • Java for Dummies
      • Building Parsers with Java
      • The Art of Java
      • C++ All-in-One Desk reference for dummies
      • All-in-One 3D game programming
      • As of 2013 my library of programming books has grown too large to list in full here.
    • Web-Sites
      • Daniweb is a very helpful forum of helpful people
      • StackOverflow question and answer board is also quite helpful

my email is   (hoping that by not making this a link spammers will not easily get it with a crawler for "mailto:")  please include Site in subject line, or if your looking because of a random thought, include the subject that the thought asks you to.