Falling Sand Game

My Falling sand game 

As stated elsewhere this is an old project of mine, and should not be taken as an indication of the quality of my work.


  1. download SandGame.zip and unzip it into the folder/directory of your choice
  2. to run double click on the jar file
  3. scroll down for more info 


this sand game was originally an open source extended jpanel made by tehcheese (fallingsandgame forum)

it is moddable more about that later

if asked for it i can send the source to you, but i would prefer not to, as it is sloppy code and i am still revising it


the simplest way to mod is to use the built in editor file>show physics and using the edit menu to add element, neighbor and explode lines  and you will be asked for each of parameter for each

element name red green blue gravity slip density conductivity
name: any name
red,green,blue: colors
gravity: 1 falls down 0 stays put -1 goes up
slip: 0 wont spread 1 will spread
density: less floats on more
conductivity: 0 doesn't conduct heat 1-100 does more than 100 gives heat less than -100 takes heat -100-1 same as 1-100

neighbor chance Element1 element2 newelement1 newelement2 [requiredheat]
chance: 0-100% chance of occurrence
element1-2: elements in reaction
newelemnt1-2: elements that get turned into
required heat: optional -100-100 heat needed to happen if not specified defaults to 0

explode chance element1 element2 newelement size [required heat]
chance: same as above
elements1-2: same as above
newelement: element to explode into
size: size of explosion the larger the laggier
required heat: same as above