Games, Simulations, Images, and Videos

Hello and Welcome to my site this is where i will show off my games sims images and vids.

This site is rather out-dated, I made it when I was in High School (primarily senior year 2008), but I am re-visiting it, and fixing issues in case potential employers google me and find it.  The Games and applications on this page are not demonstrative of my current level of work, and were made while teaching myself Java in High School before my formal education in Computer Science at Stony Brook University started. 

I do not claim to be an artist, the images on this site are mainly simple test I did, many of the more interesting were mathematically generated in Pov-ray. Much of the source code for the images and applications on this site were lost in a hard drive failure several years ago. I'll see what I can find if anyone has any questions.

My newest Internet outlet is at Blogger.com which has more recent things.

(Update 3/23/13)