elcome to Matrin Australia Pty Ltd

Matrin is based in Adelaide, South Australia and offers a range of services including product design and refinement, manufacturing and international export services. 

Matrin has an excellent record in assisting with the commercialisation of new products and assisting business owners scale-up the manufacture of a wide range of products.

Two of Matrin's shareholders are also the founders of  Ningbo Sitong Metal Product Company Ltd (Sitong). 

Sitong was founded in 1996 as a specialist metal products manufacturer. The company has core skills in high quality fabrication. Sitong contract the manufacture of a wide range of components for a number of Chinese and international companies as well as producing a range of premium electrical switchboards and enclosures, computer racking, industrial enclosures and a range of air-conditioning and refrigeration products. 

Contact: Michael Burns, Director – Australian Operations, to discuss your needs.
PO Box 448 , Stepney , SA 5069
172 Fullarton Road, Dulwich SA 5071 AUSTRALIA

Telephone: 08 8332 0659     
Mobile: 0419 462 911

Email: michael.burns@matrin.com.au