How to Create a Successful Second Marriage
by Dr. Barry Nadel

Today there are thousands of us who have either divorced or lost a spouse. Whether we had a good marriage or not we are all searching for that someone special that will make our lives so much better.

The question is how do we go about finding that special person just for us. To understand the complexity of finding a spouse I think a short antidote while help clarify the situation.

There is a famous story of a wealthy Roman female patrician that asked a great Sage about what God does and he answered her, "God created the the entire universe and all that is on this earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th day". The patrician asked, "What has God been doing since he created the world"? The Sage replied, "Making marriages". The Patrician laughed replied, "I have a thousand slaves, I will make the matches and you will see how easy it is". 

The wealthy lady matched this one with that one and had a huge marriage ceremony and sent all the newly married couples off to consummate their marriages. The next morning all 500 couples stood before the great Roman lady bruised and damaged. All of them were complaining and no one was happy!

Finding a spouse is hard work that demands a new set of rules for those of us on a second time around.