Advanced Log Merge

Advanced Log Merge is an application which makes it possible to merge and sort log rows (by date) from several log files.

The application works by detecting each log row for the correct time stamp based on predefine

Regular Expression and Time Format.

Regular Expression is required for the application to extract the time stamp from the log row.

Time Format is used to properly convert the time stamp extracted by the Regular Expression.

The application has built in Date/Time Builder which makes it easier for creating Regular Expressions and its corresponding Time Format.

PcapJoiner - Pcap merge tool

PcapJoiner is a fast and easy to use pcap (WinPcap) file joiner application.

It enables joining libpcap/wireshark files (regular and nanosecond) into single pcap file.

PcapJoiner enables two methods for joining captures files.

Chronologically – In this method the application joins the packets in the capture files based on the time the packets were captured.

Append – In this method the applications joins the packets according to the file order in the list.


For both joining methods the capture files should be of the same type (libpcap or nanosecond libpcap)

For chronological method only two files can be saved each time.

The demo version joins only the first 1000 packets from each capture file

Get License Key of only $10 USD.

License Key will be sent in 72 hours.

(See download link at the bottom)

Matric View,
Nov 3, 2011, 3:31 PM