Advancing Our Future...Together

Our Prayer and Mission
Heavenly Divine Mother, we thank you for the freedom of choice to Love one another. We face the greatest challenges in the preservation of our beautiful living planet and all of it's beautiful creatures. We are grateful for the opportunity to solve problems which may currently exist to improve ALL life as well as planetary functioning ability. Your gift of free will and Love will instill the strength needed to persevere and bring new options to us for the benefit of all humanity, wildlife and planet. We are your loyal subjects and messengers of your Love and vision for Mother Earth and all of her divine creatures. It is of the greatest honor to create life and ensure The Meaning Of Life permanently. We thank you with the deepest of Love, understanding, and respect for the immeasurable value of life. Our Love is eternal your Grace, an unshakable foundation from where we start. In your Heavenly Divine Mothers name, Ama`
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D. Knight,
Nov 15, 2015, 10:01 AM