Working Examples

This page will contain some working examples of using the toolbox:

Working Example 01 2 tabs + settings + plots and storing data
This is also used in the unit test example
How multiple developers can build GUIs independently.
But still build a great application that works!!
2 Independent GUI's  -> embed in a single app.
Includes iAxes - zooming & magnification & Storing data.

How to reload your GUI into mguide
Still use your GUI in your own m-file(s).
Shows you how to use mguide like Matlab guide.
Working Example 04
Example linking data from source to/from plot.
Includes brushing data.
Working Example 05 Example introducing uitree capability.
Working_Example_TEST  How to test your GUI when you have popup dialogs
A GUI which has interactive input (inputdlg, msgbox,
warndlg, errordlg) usually has to be tested manually.
Using the matpigui class and the matpiguiTest class
along with the customised dialog controls testing
can be automated - see how here.

If you would like to see a particular example - please add a comment below or get in touch 

A demo video of creating a GUI using mguide can be seen here.

Example Requests

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