pushpop & popedit

Release 1.0.0.FA contains 2 new uicontrol which are unique to the matpigui capability.
  • pushpop
  • popedit 
The design allows for a simple yet effective UI layout which makes for an easy to use experience for the user.

The latest demo includes an example, "example_pushpop_popedit.m".

The key features are:
  • Create a button/edit which has a default value.
  • Add a pop(drop down menu) which contains a list of alternatives.
  • When the user selects an alternative from the menu the API has the option to update the button/edit.

The demo creates 2 tabs, which both contain 2 pushpops (or popedits) this is so that the user can see how the update feature works.

In both cases the top uicontrol has the update set to false, the lower to true.

When a button is pressed (or drop down selected) a text control at the bottom of the GUI will be updated via the callback.

In the screenshot below the user is selecting  (Other String) from the lower button/drop down menu.

The text uicontol is updated and the text in the button changes to the selected item.

The update feature works the same way for both pushpop and popedit.

The second tab follows the same idea - other than its an edit box and not a button and thus the user can enter a completely new string item or select from the predefined list.