mguide (interactive design)

mguide is an interactive GUI (similar to Mathorks guide) which allows for your to design your GUI interactively.  
mguide is 100% created using the Matlab GUI Toolbox, therefore its a true example of what can be creaed.

It is split into 4 sections:
  • Left: A control panel for adding uigroups*, splitpanels, uicontrols, axes.
  • Top: A panel for controlling which uigroup/tab is active (e.g. for adding new uicontrols to)
  • Right: For interacting with properties (similar to inspect) of gui objects.
  • Main:
    • Designer - Interactive area where the GUI is built.
    • Code Viewer - View the code which the GUI is being designed.
    • Settings - Run time and generated code customisation.

See GUI examples 01 to 05 for a walk through and highlighting different features.

See demo video (demo is older version - latest has extra features).
During creation the GUI can be tested, saved to file (.mat or .m) and assigned in the workspace.  Any GUI created (except exported to .m) can be loaded back in for editing.
The application also has runtime generation of code, either as a function or a class:

Runtime Settings can be changed, this is primarily to update the format of the output file:

Settings include:
  • Code output - a class or a function
  • Application name
  • Colour highlight the code in the editor (comments and quotes)
  • Internal variable names in class and function
  • Function file - is callbacks in nested functions (callback embed) or sub functions