The matpigui class contains 2 inbuilt methods to allow you to easily build uitrees and add them to your application.

You can build a uitree from:
  • A structure which is hosted  in the matpigui data object.
  • A directory/file strucutre.

The uitrees are built in realtime (i.e. when you click on a leaf then the source is interrogated and the leaf is created this allows for a dynamic tree and fast initialisation.

The trees contain 2 keyuwords which allow you to modify the apearance of the tree (change the leaf name) and an extra parameter which can be accessed via interactive callbacks.  These are detailed in the examples as part of the downloads

The example below shows a structure which is being displayed in a tree. Note: the fact two leafs are named "UK Grapes" and "EU grapes" -> this is not valid Matlab fieldnames - i.e. this is using the keyword to change the name of the tree leaf.