matpigui (core GUI class)

matpigui is the core capability of the toolbox.  This is the backend of the GUI.

mguide is build using this class and any GUI is creates uses this class.

Main features:
  • GUI container class
  • Create GUIs with multiple pages
  • Create GUIs with multiple tabs
  • Tabs/Pages within tabs/pages
  • GUIs have in-build settings capability
  • GUI's can have automated testing
  • GUI's can have flexible panels
  • GUI's can have hidden panels
  • Inbuilt uitoolbar
  • Multiple methods of saving data to file/clipboard.
  • Store user data in GUI
  • Automatic management of all UICONTROLS & Axes.
  • uitree - automatically build a UITREE.
  • undock uipanels

Advanced Features

  • Multiple colourmaps per axes
  • Recording GUI to PDF