iAxes is an Matlab class which has a number of methods for interacting with 2D axes.
  • Zooming using mouse clicks on the axis x/y tick area (min, max and auto)
  • Magnifying glass zooming on a section of the axes.
    • You can zoom in and out of the magnification
  • Magnifying glass can be dragged across plot for real time updates
    • Fixed and moved to another part of the image (see aircraft below)
    • Grid lines, x/y tick marks optional.
  • Linking a number of axes zooming/magnification together
  • Panning
  • Annotation
Screen shots are included below which show the linking and magnification capability:

Magnification on a portion of an image:

Two (iAxes linked) axes were created containing some plots:

The magnification is activated by double clicking on the axes, note magnification glasses appear on both plots because they are linked.

The magnifying glass can be moved around to make view different parts of the plot(s).