GUI example 03

More indepth examples can be found here.

GUI example 3 includes the following features:
  • A GUI with different pages (tabs which are only accessed by a menu - see image)
    • Main Tab (page shown below)
    • Settings
  • A Main Tab is split into 2 uipanels
    • Each panel has uigroups of its own  i.e uigroup withing a uigroup.
  • Tabs which the user can close  (see x button)
    • Allows for dynamic creation/deletion at runtime.
  • Simple code to add uicontrols.
  • Two 3D axes with individual colour maps and bars
    • First axes has 1 colour bar
    • Second axes has 2 different colour bars.
Click on image to access original size.

This shows that you can have different colour maps per axes and multiple maps per axes.

Note: since R2014b the ability to have an individual colourmap per axes is a default behavious in Matlab.