Matlab GUI Toolbox

A Matlab GUI toolbox for developing advanced GUI's.  The latest version includes new pushpop and popedit uicontrols - unique to the matpigui class.

The image below shows a Multi Tab/Page GUI, the image is on an iAxes with the magnification done interactively.

Core Functionality includes:
  • Easy to develop advanced GUIs.
  • Quickly build your GUI Interactively using mguide (see image below).
  • Flexible Panels
  • The framework manages all uicontrol handles & users data.

  • Java ui-controls!!

  • Advanced linkdata and brushing capability, histograms, 2D & 3D plots.

  • Undock uipanels to independent figures - including undocking a copy!

  • Customisable UIGet/Put Dialogs for file interaction

  • Automatically build a uitree from a structure or to represent a directory tree.
  • Customise at runtime using the inbuilt settings capability. (see example)
  • Unit Test your GUI to check for errors during development.
  • Primary features work on all versions of Matlab from R2008a onwards  (including HG2)

  • See here for the advantages of the framework v core Matlab

        mguide which is used to interactively build your GUI is shown below:

The best example is to download the mguide demo - which is built using the underlying framework - and with it you can build GUI's quickly and easily..