I have 17 years industry experience, working in IT, Aerospace and Formula 1, mainly working in Aerodynamics and software development for engineers. 

From an Aerodynamics aspect I have experience of wind tunnel, CFD and road/flight test from a aerodynamic design and data perspective with extensive experience in modelling and analysing data.  In today's industry the use of data is ever increasing and thus engineers need to handle and process data as efficiently as possible.

Data Analysis/Modelling
Combing data analysis and modelling in todays industry requires efficient system & software skills - most recently I worked on a project which allowed users seamless data mirroring across country's - which allowed users to process the data as if it were located locally instead of remotely - similar to cloud computing but within a companies secure network - any update to the data was automatically mirrored to ensure that everyone was using the same data standard.

Software - General
I have extensive software experience, specifically in Matlab, but also in Python, C, C++ and FORTRAN.  Designing not just tools, but scalable software libraries that effectively become in-house toolboxes which many engineers use to build there own applications, as well as GUI frameworks which allowed users to plot all types of data including 2D and 3D flight visualisation to recreate flight manoeuvres.

Software which I have designed has been used all across Europe and Asia by customers - all software is designed to be user friendly and easy to pick up independently, but still retains the ability to be highly customised by the experts.

For Matlab - I have experience of a number of toolboxes - however clients often require to limit the cost of licenses so I can offer packages which only rely on the core Matlab.  I have excellent contacts at Mathworks for enabling good communication between yourselves and Mathworks.  I have been described as a Matlab expert at a company with 20,000+ employees and my services have been retained by a consultant who writes books on Matlab, and hence has the very highest standards.

I also offer a service for compiling your Matlab functions into a single library file which you can provide to your customers - think of this as compiling a dll but one that your customer can use from within Matlab (Mathworks do not offer this capability). 

There are a few reasons for doing this, primarily to protect your IP and to simply deliver complex code in a version controlled and managed way.  i.e. you have 20 Matlab functions* -> this will be converted into a single Matlab file which you deliver to your customer(s) confident that they are using your code and they cannot edit it, ensuring the results are as you intended.

The services on offer depend entirely on the clients request - you are after all the customer.  It could be a small data analysis task and a plotter?  Or setting up a large complex GUI and library's.  Work can be done remotely or on-site or more likely a combination of the two.

* 20 is an example - there is no limit.