Matlab Compile Toolbox

For compiling Matlab code you have a few options directly from Mathworks:
  1. Compile to a standalone exe
  2. Compile to a app (GUI based only)
  3. Compile to a DLL
However none of those methods solves the following requirement:

Compile Matlab function(s) in to a

    Single source code protected application that your customer can use in Matlab.

We offer this unique capability for you and your customers.  This does not replace or duplicate anything that Matlab offers, it is additional capability.

Reasons for doing this:
  • Protect your IP (p-code)
  • Ensure version control (non human readable code) by taking a snapshop of your full code at a given time.
  • Allow your customer to use your code within Matlab.
  • Remove possibility of function name clashing.
Things to note:
  • You do not require the Matlab compiler toolbox to use this feature
  • If your Matlab functions(s) use any toolboxes - whomever uses you code will still require those toolboxes.
  • The code best works with function(s) - if you want to use it for class(es) please contact us to discuss.

The example below shows how a function which has many children is packaged into a single compile file:

The final code is a Matlab p-code, your IP is protected as well as Matlab pcode protects.

Our Matlab compiler capability allows you to take your Matlab function and all associated dependent functions and compile it into a single code which your customer can use inside Matlab.

If this sounds like something that you could use please contact us.