Matlab Toolboxes

   MATLAB GUI Toolbox: Simple to use and allows the user to create advanced GUI's very easily.

The free DEMO version includes updates and the following features:
  • New pushpop and popedit uicontrols
  • New user event for matpigui class
  • Minor updates and bug fixes.

   MATLAB Compile: A toolbox which allows you to compile Matlab functions & classes into compact code protected applications which can be run within Matlab - these are p-coded and can be batch or GUI based. 
                                            This works on all versions of Matlab

Consultancy Services.

Offering consultancy services to develop software for you!

Over 16 years of experience means that you will get your product fast to a high quality.

Experienced ranges from Aerospace to Formula 1 and to IT & Medical Imaging Development and from Finance to Oil & Gas!!  A wide range I'm sure you will agree!