Books in print.

Books in print, Science Fiction novels:

Jenny Casey trilogy:

Hammered, Scardown, Worldwired

Standalone SF:

Carnival, Undertow (forthcoming 2007)

Jacob's Ladder trilogy:

Dust (forthcoming 2008), Chill (forthcoming 2009), Grail (forthcoming 2010)

Books in print, Fantasy novels:

The Promethean Age:

Blood & Iron, Whiskey & Water, Ink & Pen (forthcoming 2008), Hell & Earth (forthcoming 2009)

The Iskryne:

A Companion to Wolves, with Sarah Monette(forthcoming 2007)

The Edda Of Burdens:

All the Windwracked Stars(forthcoming 2008), By the Mountain Bound (forthcoming 2009), The Sea thy Mistress (forthcoming 2010)

Books in print, collections:

The Chains that you Refuse

New Amsterdam