Crabtree Folk Club




The original club has long gone, but the sounds and singers linger on.  The pictures above were all taken in recent years at special events at which the club was revived.  Artists shown are Ron Smith, Trev Murgatroyd, Alex Osborne, Mike Robertshaw, John Mumby, Steve Osman, Barry Cartwright, Colin Fishwick, Kevin Butterfield, Judy Dunlop (Potts) and John Gill.

The songs below are in 96k MP3 format.  When you click on the link you can download or open the file.  If you want to contribute any old or new songs let Dave know as he has reserved room for up to 25 songs/tunes.  They should be either traditional, self-penned or in some way free of any copyright problems.

Black Leg Miner (1143KB) - John Saville - 1964

Matlock 73 (2441KB) - John Ravenscroft - 2008

Matlock (3141KB) - Steve Newit - 2004

 Two Brothers (1784KB) - Mike Robertshaw - 1964 

Writing on the Wall (1981KB) - John Pickering - 2007

 Humpty (2111KB) - Geoff Ridley - 2008

Yertopstootite (2027KB) - Robin Field in Fat Chance on bass - 2007


For a list of performers at the Crabtree, both college and guests, go to

Crabtree Performers