The new Matlock Musings 

The summer 2007 issue of the Matlock Musings was the last of the ten page newsletters which have been published during the last eight years.
Don’t worry, Dave will still continue to expand the database of students and staff and publish the Matlock College Directory.
The web site will continue to be supported and it is quite likely that more, non-personal, information will appear there than at present.
So far, nobody has volunteered to take on the newsletter, but there is still much interest in it. If you have any suggestions about its future, maybe you could pass them on, especially if you’re willing to do something yourself. Please use e-mail if you have it available.
One thought is to have a printed news sheet published at regular intervals. This would keep people in touch with the latest happenings.
The subscription reminders, which were posted with the summer edition,  let you know the balance of your Musings “account”. A few people have paid subs in advance and these will be, or have been, refunded by some suitable means. Others have set up standing orders and it will be best if these are cancelled now while you remember. If you do forget, don’t despair as the money will be returned from these as well!
A lot of people will be sad to see the Musings go out of production, but there are alternative ways to keep in contact with old friends like this new E-MUSINGS. 



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