Mathew Joseph

PhD in Information Technology

Post Doctoral Fellow,
Computer Science & Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay,
Mumbai, India


Tools and Softwares


Mathew Joseph is a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) department at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay (IITB), Mumbai. He is working mainly on the implementation features of the project XDATA under the guidance of  Prof. S. Sudarshan.  Prior to this he completed his PhD in Information Technology from DISI, University of Trento, Italy in April, 2015 and worked in FBK-IRST, Trento, Italy under the supervision of Luciano Serafini for his PhD. His research interests are in topics such as Data Exchange/Integration, Databases, Semantic Web, Knowledge Representation, Description Logics, Datalog+-,  Logics and mainly on querying and reasoning frameworks in these disciplines. Before this, he worked as a project collaborator in the FBK-IRST, Trento for around one year. He completed his Masters in Technology (M.Tech) in Cyber Security from Amrita University, India in 2008. He is also an ambassador for his alma mater, University of Trento, Italy.

Contact: mathew_joseph31[at]

Hobies: administrator of web group Indian PhD Network (currently greater than 3500 members in facebook), hiking, cooking, travelling, veganism, vegeterianism, naturopathy, jogging, yoga.