Matilda the urban rat strikes back, November 2012

Matilda was thankful that her owner had taught her to swim.


There was a great flood in New York City, swamping the tunnels, where her fellow rats had been living. 

The flood left Matilda as the sole survivor. Or, so she thought.


"What a horrible fate has befallen on my fellow rats." She said, while mourning their apparent loss.


She crawled her way out of the tunnels, looking for a way back to her owner, George.


"I must get out of here." Matilda said to herself as she was desperately exploring a path to exit the tunnels.


Paving her way outside, she noticed Freddie, her nemesis, standing in front of her, with a smug look on his face.


"Where do you think you're going, my dear Matilda?" He smirked.


"Get out of here, Freddie!" Matilda shouted.


"You didn't think we'd meet again so soon, did you, my dear?" he smiled.


At that moment, a flock of rats came upon  them and cornering Matilda.


“I thought you all had drowned.” Matilda said, noticing the rats all around her.


“Didn't you know that rats could swim?” Freddie chuckled.


“What do you want,  Freddie?” Matilda asked, growing frustrated with him.


“You humiliated me in front of my men. Now, it's time for pay-back.”


“Freddie, there's no time to settle the score. Let's set aside our differences, and help our fellow rats.”


“Why should I help you?” Freddie asked, baffled by Matilda’s suggestion.


“The flood hit us hard, and there's a lot of work before the elections.” Matilda said, hoping to get her message across.


But, Freddie only laughed at her comments. “Oh, my dear Matilda. Don't you realize how pointless it is? 

No matter who wins, everybody knows the streets are mine.”


“Not for long, Freddie.  Change is coming, and it's coming fast. Democracy is coming to the streets of the USA!!!”



© 2012  Daniel Nivy, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED