The purpose of this site is to host my random mathematical thoughts and explorations through Geogebra; like a math journal in a way.  The material I upload is a result of my time spent exploring the random mathematical problems that pop in my head.  It is a form of relaxation, meditation, and mental engagement for me as I use my time recovering from my illness that began March 5th, 2010.  This site also serves the purpose of potentially providing educational, mathematical supplements to be used in the classroom for content visual aide and problem-solving extensions.

I chose to make this site to provide my point of view of mathematics, to possibly inspire other teachers, and eventually invite teachers to contribute and manage mathematically rich projects and lesson aides.

Overall, the site is meant to be fun to read and to play around with the GeoGebra Dynamic Worksheets.
***Currently this site is under construction.  The links may lead to template pages that have not yet been edited.***

Free software for your computer:

 Adobe Acrobat ReaderI am currently saving my PowerPoints into PDF form.  Students and parents may access the lesson outline and homework with this free software.
 GeoGebraI generate the math applets with GeoGebra.  GeoGebra is a fantastic software to explore math and have fun.  Downloading and installing GeoGebra is not required to view the applets online but I strongly encourage anyone to try it out.
 Mozilla Firefox Web BrowserMozilla Firefox is a free web browser.  I suggest this browser to you since I use Firefox to continually edit this site.  If a component of the site is not viewable,  (I think) Mozilla auto-detects the missing plugin and offers to download and install it quickly.
 JavaThe GeoGebra applets use Java to appear in your browser.  If your computer does not already have Java installed, click the link to the left for the appropriate installation software.

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