STEM Week at Parker

STEM Week 2017
The students have been working on their wind turbines intermittently all year long and were able to complete them while the 8th graders were away in Philadelphia. In addition to building the wind turbines the students were asked to create an information, installation, and troubleshooting packet (similar to what manufacturers include with their products).  The students also filmed an advertisement to promote their wind turbines.  During this week the students also learned about budgeting and how it relates to retail pricing.  The students learned how to use their material costs to create retail prices that incorporate overhead expenses and labor costs. Please check out their packets and advertisements below.

The Four Winds - Ginger, Diego, and Madeline

Windy DANA's Turbine Company - Sonja, David, and Nick

KNLS - Robyn, Peyton, Gabi, and Smyan

One Tree Hill - Isabella, Sophia P., and Katerina

Turbine Tech - Pierce, Kira, and Julian

STEM Week 2016
The students studied rockets and how they relate to space tourism and trips to the International Space Station.  The students investigated environmental concerns and health issues related to space travel as well as rocket design.  The culminating project, besides launching their rockets, was to create a "Proinfomercial" - part proposal, part information, part commercial - in an attempt to sell their rocket to SpaceX.  
Every student stepped up to the challenge!!
View their presentations below!

Galactic - Sasha and Maya (Pierce contributed to the rocket design)

I hope you enjoyed these presentations 
as much as we did!!!


STEM Week 2015
View the student presentations given at Plug Power in Latham, NY 
on June 8, 2015.

Edith, Olivia D., Maya, Ally, Heather, and Sasha

Marissa, Caroline, Shy'Leah, Allison, and Grace

Leo, Christian, Natan, Ben, and Jonah

Caleb, Coleman, Alex, Emil, and Ronan

Sophia, Julia, Ella, Laurel, and Olivia M.

STEM Week 2014
View the student created Space Tourism Advertisements below.

AJCJ Lunar - created by Ada, Jahsendah, Caroline, and Julia

Sky High and Cloud Space - created by Brian, Megan C., Ally, and Heidi

Space Step - created by Anna, Jonah, Zian, and Bryce

SSE Company - created by Angus, Jackson, Logan, and Isa

United Space - created by Megan A., Lucas, Shaylie, Alex, and Laurel

Intergalactic Spark - created by Zekiel, Ava, Phoebe, and Coleman


STEM Week 2013
View the student created documentaries below!!

The Purpose - Starring Anna, Garrett, Lucas, and Veda

The Computer Design - Starring Arlo, Ada, Ava, and Dylan

The Materials and Cost - Starring Jackson, Brian, Megan A., and Anya

The Construction - Starring Adam, Isa, Hannah H., and Zian

The Installation - Starring Alex, Logan, Charlotte, and Megan C.