Welcome to Math with Mrs. Stevens!

Class Expectations

Welcome to AG Math!  I am excited to get to know you and work with you as we explore new and challenging math topics this year.

Extra help: 
I am also happy to schedule time to meet with you during intervention seminar or after school, and also answer questions via email.

We agree to...
  • Be kind and respectful
  • Be good listeners
  • Be prepared and ready to work
  • Be willing to accept our mistakes
  • Give it our best effort every day!

Fun Links

Figure This!
Challenges to do at home on your own or as a family.

Check out some great practice from multiplication facts, to algebra, geometry and beyond!

All of the fun of MahJong, with bonus points for longer equations and more operations involved!

The Map of the Internet
Try searching your favorite website to see which sites are "geographically" nearby on the internet, and zooming out to see how big it is compared to others!  Click on "About" to read about some of the mathematical thought behind this interesting map.

Practice pre-algebra skills and donate rice to end world hunger at the same time!  The problems increase in difficulty the more you get right.

A fun way to estimate angles of a certain degree- how many bananas can YOU find?

Math Fact Practice!
For integers, fractions, or decimals- you can pick "arithmetic," set your desired operation(s), difficulty, length, and if you want a time trial.

Division practice games.

Some fun games from CoolMath and Math-Play to practice decimal operations.

Apps for iPad/iPod
SushiMonster- practice for addition and multiplication facts
Division for Kids from Internet Design Zone
Math Practice by Vishal Shah - practice games with all four operations
Kids Math Game Free by Puzzle & Logic Game- more practice with all four operations

Games with Cards
Multiplication war - each person flips over two cards.  The player with the largest product wins!

Fraction Division Action- Flip over 4 cards forming 2 fractions.  Who can do the division problem the fastest?

Fraction Comparison- Flip over 4 cards forming 2 fractions.  Which is greater?


Mrs. Stevens: stevenem@spsdme.org
Ms. Jacobs: jacobsli@spsd.org