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P1 - Algebra 2CP
P2 - Secondary Math 1CP
P3 - Algebra 2CP
N   - Study Hall (2nd per)
P4 - Secondary Math 1CP
P5 - Secondary Math 1CP
P6 - Geo Team Prep


Mr. Foster

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Room 323

    Welcome new and returning Cards!  This year I'll be teaching Algebra 2 CP and Secondary Math 1CP, which is a change from Geometry.  So I'll be updating and making modifications to this page as we go. 

    Though I'm teaching different subjects, I'm still allowing students to make test corrections and then retake their tests.  Test corrections are vital to overall learning improvement as they allow us to hopefully learn from our mistakes rather than repeat them.  A secondary learning outcome, for those that take advantage, stemming from the process is the ability to study for a exam.   




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