Hello parents, students, and care givers.  Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.  I am looking forward to a great year and looking forward to meeting you all on Back to School Night which is on Thursday September 7th.  Please sign on to your child's google classroom.  You will see my management plan and be able to use the link to fill in your information for me.  Also please check google classroom regularly.  I will be distributing some of our documents that way.  No need for you to print anything out.  Please have your child do their work in a math journal (a spiral notebook or composition book - your choice).   

Math 6 text book:  Big Ideas  

Accelerated text book:  McGraw Hill   

Trimester 1 : 8/30 - 11/17           
 Trimester 2 : 11/20 - 3/9           
Trimester 3 : 3/12 - 6/14            

Google classroom passwords:          
1st period:   csh68x2                     
2nd period:   yh5ykus                     
3rd period:  rfpiph                         
5th period:  puv62nd                      
6th period:  8ftrwbo                      

Dear Parents, if you wish to purchase supplies for our class, please see my wish list at this link.  Thank you!

Use one of these links to check on your progress:

I got this link from a student.  Check it out!  

Use this link to divide whole numbers by fractions: 

Use this link for dividing fraction by fractions: 

Fraction recipes: 

Use this link for fraction tiles

Use this link for extra practice for concepts taught in 6th grade. 

       Management Plan for Math 6  

          Classroom  Rules

        Expectations For Students

      Homework Scoring

          Homework Policy

          Behavior Standards

          Strategies for Success

    The best way to learn is to correct your own mistakes.  After I pass back a test or quiz, I have students copy down the answers for the problems that they got wrong.  Then for homework they do the work necessary to understand their mistakes.  They are also expected to write a sentence for each problem that they got wrong and explain what they did wrong.  Then parents are to sign the test or quiz.  If a student needs help making corrections they can come in to work with me at lunch or after school.  They may also ask questions in class.   Please encourage your child to make the necessary corrections to help them to understand the material so that we can move forward to more difficult concepts.
There is a Google doc titled "Tips for being successful in math".  I hope that you can find it useful!
The link to view it is:

Watch first:  area of a circle video: 

Watch second:  area of a circle video: