EDTE 18 Wall of Fame

Thank you! Obrigado! ¡Gracias! Merci! Dhanyabaad! 
Toda Raba! 
Baie Dankie!

I am extremely grateful to
Esther Hattingh for her encouragement, creativity, talent, diligence, patience, and technical prowess in creating this resource!

Thanks to our extremely gifted and talented mapmaker, Edith Schmidt.

A special thank you goes to Alicia Humphrey for her organizational and research talents!

And of course none of this would have been possible without the work of my creative and talented EDTE 18 students at Sacramento State!


Spring 2010

David Xiong

Cha Ia Xiong

Brenda Villegas

Yee Vang

Tom Vang

Shawn Vang

Christine Vang

Monica Topete

Angelica R Tan

Zoey Stapenhorst

Charles J Spruill

Alyssa Sionzon

Stephanie Shepherd

Rafael Romero

Nikisha Prakash

Shardon Perryman

Andrew Pentis

Jennifer Ostermann

Grace Ogata

Arman Nobari

Lakendrick Tramaine Mukes

Stephanie M Moretti

Patricia Ruth  Montanez

Merissa Monroe

Eduardo L Melesio

Matthew McCarter

Joshua Martin

Gabriela Luna

Duy Lu

Margarita P Loeza

Yer Lee

Paoyee Lee

Gali Judith  Lavee

Poul Larsen

Nathan Kesling

Julian Kenion

Gagandeep Kaur

Jazzlynn Jenkins

Mishaal Gill

Eric Garcia

Lindsee Evans

Tessa Ennenga

Coty Lynn  Ellis

Jonathan R  Ducoing

Jessie Thi  Doan

Joseph DeLaFuente,

Reinaldo E Cusick,

Simone Collins

Sonia Chan

Graciela Caban

Julian Bryant

Andrew Brown

Joshua Bookwalter,

Jessy Bedsworth

Russell Batiste

Alfredo  Aportela

Maricela Aguayo

Fall 2009

Charles S Alba

Kayla Bruizeman

Hector Carranza

Jessica Fielding

Rene  Gomez

Gabriel Gutierrez Gonzalez,

Anna Hostler

Oleksiy  Kodash

Nichole Lewis

Shia  Anne Lor

Jennifer  Mak

Kayla Masterson

Jamani R  Perry

Jenny  Phang

Stacy Ariana  Saenz

Susan  Saephanh

Chan Saetern

Felipe DeJesus Soria

Simon  Sou

Stephanie K Tam

Garrison  Traud

Dolly Naly  Vang

Julie Yer  Vang

Xou  Vang

Diana Vazquez


Fall 2008


Megan Becker

Jairet Crum

Robert Jhon

Gregorio Gardner Sauceda

Sonia Gutierrez

Vicki Gutierrez

Zachary Hill

Trevor Jacobsen

Jazmine Martinez

Gail Russell 

Daniel Seo

Phuong Tran

Anthony Yang

 This project was made possible though generous support from the following: United States Fulbright Commission to Nepal, Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico do Brasil; the Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto; Department of Teacher Education in the College of Education at California State Univeristy; the 2008 Teaching Using Technology (TuT) Summer Institute at California State University, Sacramento; STEMCAP - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Collaborative Action Plan; ARCHES - The Alliance for Regional Collaboration to Heighten Educational Success; The Center for STEM Excellence and a 2007-2008 Research and Creativity Award California State University, Sacramento.