Shenglong Hu

I am an associate professor in department of mathematics, Tianjin University. 
You can find me through timhu AT tju one dot edu one dot cn

My research interests are mathematical optimization and numerical multilinear algebra. 


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(With Lieven De Lathauwer, Johan A.K. Suykens and Yuning Yang) Convergence study of block singular value maximization methods for rank-1 approximation to higher order tensors, 2016, ftp file

Journal Papers

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Unpublished Reports
1. A note on the positive eigenvector of nonnegative tensors. July 2010. 

Conferences and Workshops

Non-monotone line search algorithm for unconstrained optimization on October 26, 2008, The 2-nd Annual meeting of the Society of Tianjin Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Tianjin University of Commerce.

Finding the spectral radius of a nonnegative tensor on December 18, 2010, JRI WorkShop On Eigenvalues of Nonnegative Tensors, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Eigenvalues of Tensors: preliminary concepts and applications (hypergraph and quantum entanglement) on May 23 and May 26, 2012, Seminar on Eigenvalues of Tensors, Tianjin Univeristy.

The geometric measure of entanglement of pure states with nonnegative amplitudes and the spectral theory of nonnegative tensors, International Conference on Spectral Theory of Tensors, May 30–June 2, 2012, Chern Institute of Mathematics, Nankai University, Tianjin, China.

E-Characteristic polynomials of tensors, RTG workshop on Tensors and their Geometry in High Dimensions, September 26—September 29, 2012, MSRI, University of California at Berkeley.

Tensor analogies of alternative theorems, Optimization and Algebraic Geometry, June 16--June 20, 2014, CAMP, National Institute for Mathematical Science, Daejeon, Korea.

Spectral symmetry of a uniform hypergraph, The 19th International Linear Algebra Society ConferenceAugust 6-August 9, 2014, Seoul, Korea. 

Tensors in Computer Science and Geometry, November 10--November 14, 2014, Simons Institute, University of California at Berkeley. 

Symbolic and Numerical Methods for Tensors and Representation Theory, November 17--November 20, 2014, Simons Institute, University of California at Berkeley.

Tensors and hypermatrices: decompositions and eigenvectors. 4th SIAM student chapter @NUS symposium on applied and computational math, May 29, 2015, National University of Singapore.

Eigenvalues of tensors and a second order Markov chain. SIAM conference on applied linear algebra, October 26-30, 2015, Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Nonnegative tensor partition, International Conference on Tensor, Matrix and Their Applications Spectral Theory of Tensors, May 20–May 24, 2016, Chern Institute of Mathematics, Nankai University, Tianjin, China.

Convergence study of BSVMM for rank one approximation to tensors, The 60th annual meeting of Australia Mathematical Society, December 5--8, 2016, The Australia National University, Canberra, Australia.


Ph. D. in Applied Mathematics (2013), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
B. S. in Mathematics (2008) and M. S. in Operations Research (2010), Tianjin University

Research Orbits

Research Associate of Prof. Liqun Qi, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, April-May, July-August, 2013; June-August, 2016
Visiting Fellow of Prof. Yuan Yao, Peking University, March-April, 2014
Visiting Fellow, CAMP, National Institute for Mathematical Science, Korea, May-August, 2014 
Research Fellow of Prof. Defeng Sun and Prof. Kim Chuan Toh, National University of Singapore, September, 2014-September, 2015
Postdoctoral Scholar of Prof. Lek-Heng Lim in department of statistics, The University of Chicago, October, 2015-March, 2016.
Visitor of Dr. Guoyin Li in department of applied mathematics, The University of New South Wales, November-December, 2016.


Outstanding Student from Sichuan Province, 2004
Student Science Award from Tianjin University, 2009