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-Filling tables from stories
-Drawing graphs from stories
-Writing an equation from a story

-Peter and Mary

-Complete a pattern
-Find the rule using words
-Drawing graphs from patterns
-Using graph to predict a term
-Find the rule using algebra
-Using equation to find 100th term

-Expressions from stories

-Collecting like terms from stories

-Substituting from stories

An apple cost A dollars, how much money you pay for 2 apples? 2A, etc

An apple cost A dollars and a banana costs B dollars, how much money you pay for 2 apples and 5 bananas? 2A + 5B

I buy 2 apples and 5 bananas and my friend, Silvia, buys 3 apples and 7 bananas,how much money do we pay altogether? 5A + 12B

I buy 2 apples and 5 bananas. Write an expression for the amount of money I pay for my apples and bananas. If the cost of one apple is $1.50 and the cost of one banana is $1.20,how much money altogether I pay for my fruit?