Why do we need trigonometric functions?


Learning Outcomes 



Why Radians?

Degrees to radians and vice versa
Transforming trig function: range, period...
Modelling trig function
Evaluate reciprocal functions
Sketch reciprocal functions

Unit Circle

Music and Trigonometry

Doppler Effect

Reciprocal Functions

Sketching trig functions


Prove trig identity
Further identity
Compound angles
Calculating compound angles
Prove identity using compound angles
Double angle
Calculating double angle
Prove identity using double angle
Sums to products
Products to sums

Tan (3A) Identity

Identity Basics

Inverse trig functions
Inverse trig identities
Simple trig eq´s
Trig eq´s answer in surd
Trig eq´s multiple solutions

Trig applications
Triangulation problems


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