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Updated 'big picture' summary sheet of NCEA L3 Standards (Sept 2013)

 NZAMT (Please remember that NZAMT external assessment exemplars are to be kept secure. Their purpose is to provide practice examination material for member schools.)

  Videos This is a catalogue of interactive webcast presentations sourcing material relevant to current teaching practice in the New Zealand Curriculum

Using iNZight  There are two powerpoints below which introduce the iNZight statistics programme for inference and for level 3 bivariate data, as well as a page which describes the standard data format needed for iNZight.  A guide to the iNZight VIT modules, written by Lucy Edmonds, is also below.
Useful tips and tricks for using iNZight - filtering data, adding to plots, manipulating variables and exporting data.

Guide to Unpacking a Standard
1. Read the standard, especially the “methods” usually EN 4 or 5.
2. Read and consider the unpacked achievement objective in the
Senior Secondary Guides.
3. Look at the Clarifications and Conditions of Assessment on NZQA.
3. Establish the A, M and E boundaries.
4. Download and do the sample assessment from the NZQA website.
5. Then download the assessment schedule and mark your work.
6. Check the Moderator reports for information.
7. Check NZAMT, AMA, CMA and other local association websites for helpful resources
8. Talk with another teacher about the content and intent.
9. Design a unit of learning for students.
A really good way to understand the intent and content of a standard is
to write an assessment and trial it. Note that M and E are often a
connection of methods, well communicated.

10 Key findings from BES (summary document)

Thinking about Inquiry - how Jim Hogan used inquiry in a school

5 productive "talk moves" to help students talk about Mathematics

Literacy in Maths ppt with some excellent ideas
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