Over the years, in fact 50+ years, I have been interested in maths.  I studied A-Level Pure and A-level Applied Maths as two subjects in the mid sixites and then Physics degree in the late sixties.

However once free of the terrors of exams I began to appreciate and enjoy maths, be it always at a basic level and I have no pretence of  having a real mathematical gift. 

I tend to forget the insights and knowledge I gain once I move on so I thought I would document them, mainly for my own use, but who knows somebody may also find them interesting.

To return to home site or to visit my other maths site please click following button. I hope to consolidate all onto this one site in the future.

I started by proving (to my own satisfaction)  the 9 points on a circle with cascading links to other proofs required.

Major topics are listed on this page separately. The List of All Math Topics is a simple list of all titles.