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Information Technology
Free Software  Delphi
Arithmethics inside Q without any limit? Numerical strings. See "new primes.rar" below.
Christian Spiritism
Mathematics and Spirituality
Axiomatic essence and implications.
There is an Absolute Truth.
If there weren't that, all the truths would be relative.
For instance, the existence of the thinking being. (Descartes)
Then, I'd exist and I wouldn't exist at the same time.
All the penalties are finite.
If there were a Hell, there would be infinite suffering.
Then God would be infinitely bad.
When God makes a creature, does He know its future until eternity?
If the answer is No, then God isn't omniscient.
Else, if there were a creature eternally condemned, then God created it knowing that.
Therefore, God wouldn't be infinitely good and fair.
Beware: one billion of years is finite time.
I wish to prove there is a sup(penalties). [ Try (1) Perfection below, or click here. ]
The more I think, the more I believe "everybody" serves illusion. I serve Truth.
If somebody believes there is a hell, or a devil, then he or she serves illusion.

Everyone who believes there is a hell or a demon commits blasphemy.
Eternal torment... Are they glorifying God? They pretend they love their enemies. Therefore, they pretend they believe christianism.

Jesus has came to Earth to eliminate Death from the exterior face of our world.
Then, everyone who believes there is a Death commits blasphemy.
1) "Current bible C is the original one O." Determine the percentual probability of veracity.
2) Determine the error of C with respect to O.
3) Let P(V) be the probability of "current verse V is the original one O".
The meaning of a word varies in time and so does the meaning of the phrases. Then the form that people read the verse evolves in time. Let the interpretation be I(V, t).    Quantify it.

How did Schrödinger Cat got in the church?
1) The door was open.
2) The door wasn't closed.
3) Cat used tunneling.
4) That's not possible. Cat reflected on the door and turned around.
5) That depends on the referential. on mine, Cat's inside the church and also outside it.
6) Cat's not inside, neither outside the church.
7) Space twitched and cat walked through the keyhole.
8) Wigner is the guilty one.
9) Part of cat was reflected, other part got in by refraction.
10) Cat superpositioned to the door.
11) Impossible. Cat collided with the door and continues half-alive, half-dead, the door was half-smashed.
12) Cat jumped. Quantically.
13) I know cat's speed, but i don't know if cat's position is inside or outside. [Heisenberg]
14) Impossible. Cat was not alive.
15) Cat lost one of his 7 lives and pass phase. Now it's gonna face the warlord.
16) Part by part. Jack the Ripper.
17) By osmosis.
18) Cat passed under the door.
19) Cat has found another door.
20) Cat pressed cat-teleport button on cat-belt.
21) Cat stole the key.
22) Cat used the door handle.
23) Cat called the keymaker.
24) Cat appealed to animal protection society.
25) They broke into. Several cats a la Frankenstein.
26) Cats have adapted to the door in 9 generations.
27) There was no door.
28) There was no cat.
29) There was no church.
30) They were praying for cat's soul.
31) Door is matter. Not the cat.
32) Cats aren't religious.
33) The bishop likes cat meat.
34) Cat was born there.
35) Cat is omnipresent.
36) The cat got in highly pressurized and at zero Kelvin.
37) Cat turned into energy = mc², got inside, then turned back into mass = E/c².
38) The cat, the door and the church were Matrix informations. Nebuchadnezaard's cat changed informations neurolinguisticly.
39) Cat moved on (n + 1)th dimension and returned to nth. Cat and church have n dimensions — let n = 2 and let the representation on a paper: cat = inner circle, church = inner square. Church is topologically closed in n, but not in n + p. Just do an 8 with the paper — this is the universe in which cat and church are immersed or submerged. Cat, as a matter of fact, is a semi-sphere and church is a semi-cube, but they don't know that. The true distance is measured on the straight line in n + p which goes from the cat's center to the church's center. Possibly zero, when the paper is folded. Physicists mix up cat's dimensions with cat's cohordinates.
40) 3D-bodies are a projection P = φ(R ⊂ ℂ) Therefore, cat and church are a region on the Gaussian space of complex numbers, transforming in time.
41) There was a mouse running before the cat.
42) There was a bird flying before the cat.
43) There was a dog running after the cat.
44) Russian churchs come inside the cat.
45) Cat passed by an earthworm path.
46) Cat has a personal trainer. She shouts: "go, cat! Go!"
47) Cat couldn't get in the church, because (s)he had been excommunicated by blasphemy.
48) Cat melted the door. She was at plasma state, i.e., ionised and at temperature greater than absolute value of the speed of light Fahrenheits.
49) Cat entered the right login and password.
50) "I am the door." Jesus. I am the cat. I am the church. Therefore, I am inside e.
51) There was a cat's hologram inside the church.
52) There was a cat's hologram outside the church.
53) Cat-Church is a Dynamical System. Cat's position transformed in 49 iterations.
54) Cat's position transformed in infinitely many iterations. That was easy for the cat; while she was entering, she enumerated all the natural numbers.
55) Cat brought an umbrella and it was barred at etal detector.
56) Miracle. Cat bristled and shouted: ABRACADABRA. God got up from His throne and he went personally to derogate one more law and he held the cat in his Hands. Cat meowed and shouted: "Release me! Release my body!", but he was already taken into the church.
57) Only cats fall into cats-trap.
58) Flinc! Cat clawed the door. With her feet too.
59) The church has detected the Cat, so the door 'came opened automatically.
60) There was another Cat of the opposite sex on the other side of the door.
61) Impossible. Cat is castrated.
62) Nobody knows. It was dark night and Cat leaved no clue.
63) Cat cursed the fucking door. he knocked. but it didn't open. [Tradução: A) trepante B) fodente C) fornicante D) transante E) sacaneante F) copulante G) n.d.a.]
64) Clean way. Cat entered slowly.
65) Everybody was around the cat; and this made it, the entrance, impossible.
66) Full church.
67) Cat was male. And there was a female in heat inside the church.
68) Instinct. Cat knows actually what it does. It may win Cats' Nobel Prize anytime.
69) Cat begins the game without buying any card. At prae combat main stage, it casts 1) Mountain, 2) Black Lotus, 3) Channel with 19, 4) EarthQuake with 20, 5) Intervention Pact. Cat is alone in the world, therefore it gets in anywhere, after that it gets out any church.
70) Cat begins the game without buying any card. At prae combat main stage, it casts 1) Mountain, 2) Black Lotus, 3) Channel with 19, 4) EarthQuake with 20, 5) Scars of the Veteran. Cat died less than all others.
71) Cleric Cat is better known as what-was-already-dead killer. Zombie killer. Skeletons killer. etc. Cat exorcized the door and everyBody who were inside.
72) Collective Frenzy. Nobody remembers how Cat suddenly was immersed with all others.
73) Cat knows the doors' rythm. Because of that, it uses seven only seven keys. "On the fifth day, God wanted the people to party." And there was party. AquaGem.
74) Cat casts Reverse Gravity, then the Dragon falled down on the ground. Cat constructed a church, where the dragon is prisoner. Nobody wants to get into the church. Church is actually Dragon's Cave.
75) Dragon swallowed the Cat. But Cat was under Protected Mage. Dragon died from inside to out. Inside-inside-out.
76) π
77) Some ayatollah promised it a bone in afterlife as a reward.
78) Cat was accustomed to eating caviar every three hours. Satisfied cats do not frequent any church.

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