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Please utilize the Lesson Plans Tab in the Navigation Window to the left to access lesson plans, powerpoints, and other class handouts.  All of these will be located under the attachments tab in Planbook. This is a working document and will be continuously updated.  
 The above statement is the theme this year in Miss Sherman's classroom.  Students who improve on their test scores from chapter to chapter are rewarded.  Students who also earn a 100% on any quiz are rewarded.  This has been a great motivational tool that involves all students!  The students really do get excited about their rewards!    
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Kimberly Sherman
Tri-Center High School Math
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712-485-2257   Ext. 114
Office Hours 10:58 - 11:42
Plan: 8:15 - 9:00
Geometry: 9:03 - 9:47
Algebra A: 9:50 - 10:35
Advisory: 10:35 - 10:55
Statistics : 10:58 - 11:42 
Algebra B: 11:45 - 12:30
Lunch: 12:30 - 12:57
Algebra A: 1:00 - 1:43
Geometry: 1:46 - 2:29
Geometry: 2:32 - 3:15

Daily Work:  15%
Daily work will consist of written work that is assigned on a regular basis and in-class assignments.  Work allowed to be taken out of the classroom will not be graded, but it will be checked in class and a record of completion will be kept. Questions will be able to be asked and students will be allowed to keep all of their work in their notebooks.  All work is expected to be shown to receive full completion credit.  A weekly homework grade will be given based on the completion of daily work.  In class assignments will be graded.  These two types of grades will make up the 15% Daily Work grade. It is extremely important to complete homework to be successful on 

Quizzes: 35%
Multiple times throughout a chapter knowledge quizzes will be given.  Preparing yourself by doing your homework, taking good notes and studying will result in successful quizzes!  There are no retakes on quizzes.  

Tests:  50%
Tests will conclude the end of the a chapter.  It is extremely important that you take tests seriously and prepare yourself for all tests as they are worth 50% of your overall grade.  Use passed homework & quizzes, notes, in-class assignments, and your review to help you prepare for these assessments.  There are no retakes on tests. 
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