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2018 Instructors:
  • AM class
    • Eric Randall 
    • Jeff Bradford
  • PM class 
    • Elmer Lyons
    • John Scarborough
2018 AM Pre-work:
    • Print and complete as much of the worksheet (link to right) as you can.
    • Requirement 1. Be prepared to discuss your findings to your fellow scouts during our meeting at the Expo.
    • Requirement 4. If you know someone who is an engineer, please interview them.
2018 PM Pre-work:
    • Select a manufactured item in your home (such as a toy or an appliance) and, under adult supervision, investigate how and why it works as it does. Find out what sort of engineering activities were needed to create it.
    • Select an engineering achievement that has had a major impact on society. Using resources such as the Internet (with your parent's permission), books, and magazines, find out about the engineers who made this engineering feat possible, the special obstacles they had to overcome, and how this achievement has influenced the world today.

2018 Field trip: To be Confirmed
  • Engineering AM 
    • Amoskeag Dam in Manchester, NH. Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay. Their website is
    • 4 Fletcher Street 
    • Manchester, NH
    • (603) 626-3474
    • You'll participate in an exciting workshop planned especially for our group - You Can Turn Water into Watt and Edison Meets the 21st Century.
  • Engineering PM
    • MIT Haystack Observatory in Westford, MA on Saturday, March 25.
    • Scouts MUST arrive early at 12:45pm so the entire group can enter the security gate together. 
    • The field trip will end at 3:30pm
    • Where: Millstone Road and Millstone Hill Rd, Westford, MA
    • When: Saturday, March 19, 2016 beginning at 12:45 PM
    • Directions
    • Map
    • Note: There is a closed gate on weekends, so park in the small lot at the intersection, next to the tall warehouse.