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  • First Class rank.
2018 Instructors:
  • Pete Kohnstam 
  • Craig Christensen 
2018 Pre-work:
  • A    See what you can discover about first aid for electrical shock  and an electrical burn.
  •        Consider – where are you safe or not safe during a lightning storm and why
  •        Try to answer  --- how would you put out an electrical fire.
  •  B   Try to determine at least 2 ways electricity can be generated
  • C   You are given a long piece of insulated wire – what can you do with it to make a strong electromagnet if you are also given a battery?
  • D  What is a fuse used for?  How does it work?  What is the difference between a fuse and a circuit breaker?
  • E  You’d like to have room with lights that can be turned on or off from either end of the room. Can you figure out how you would wire that circuit which includes a source of power, wires, some lights, and any switches you desire?
  • F Find out the setting on your electric meter for where you live.  Ask your folks what they pay for their electric bill, and what it is that they pay for  (i.e.  their bill pays for so many  _______  units?)
  • G   Try to understand each of the terms used in item 10,  especially   voltage,  current, resistance, and power.   Is there a relation ship between  voltage and current?
  • H Ask your folks what ways they might save on their electricity bill.
  • I  Find out what a single-pole  double-throw switch is.   Maybe that will be useful for exercise E!
2018 Field trip: To Be Confirmed
  • National Grid Solar Farm
  • 29 Oxford Road
  • Charlton, MA
  • Please remember this is a Class A event and you need to wear long pants and have solid shoes (if you have any workboots or equivalent these would be ideal) - if you are not properly dressed you will not be able to come onto the site.    
    During the day you can reach me on my cell - 919 917 8096  please arrive by 1 pm.
    After the trip I will be happy to go through any merit badge requirements that you have completed but I ask for your patience if there are a number of you who want to do this.