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Digital Technology

  • Tenderfoot rank.

2018 Instructors:
  • Dave Kuzara
  • Jeff Bradford
2018 Pre-work:
  • A    Read through the requirements provided.
  • B    Make sure to bring your  cyber-chip.
  • C   Ask your parents to relate how TV and Music quality has changed since when they were your age.
  • D   Try to understand what a digital “signal” is.  In this process a value of signal is converted to a binary stream of 1’s and 0’s.   Determine how you would represent the number 183 in binary.   What is the value of the binary number   1001 1011 ?
  • E  Find out what the major parts of a computer are.
  • F  Find out what is meant by “data compression”.  Any idea how it is done?
  • G  Do  4b and 4c  above.
  • H  Find out what a “modem” is  and how it does its job.
  • I   Do  5b and 5c  above
  • J  If you feel able to do so,  do your best to select and complete 3 items that are needed in the number 6 requirement above.  Come prepared to show them to your counsellor.  If you are not able to do them at this time, you may be able to do them during the 2 weeks prior to the field trip.  (At least ask yourself which ones are of the most interest to you.)
  • K  Try to find out what dangerous chemicals might be inside of a battery, and why they might be dangerous to humans.  Any ideas on how they are properly disposed?
2018 Field trip:
  • Philips Healthcare
  • 3000 Minuteman Road
  • Andover, MA

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