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Composite Materials - Not Offered in 2018

  • First class rank. Added materials fee of $5.
2017 Instructors:
  • Dennis Michaud 
  • John Lynch

2017 Prework:
  • Print off the Composite Materials worksheet and read the Merit Badge Pamphlet. 
2017 Field trip:
  • Saturday, March 25,2017
  • UMass Lowell Composites Lab & Baseball Research Facility 
    • Kitson Hall, 1st Floor 
  • Directions:
    • Park in the Riverside Parking Lot (entrance is at the end of the lot on Sparks Street. 
    • Walk up the sidewalk on Riverside Drive with Olney Hall on your left 
    • We will meet outside the “Campus Police” station at the rear of Ball Hall 
    • We will enter Ball Hall and work our way to the labs from this point