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  • Scout rank.
2018 Instructors:
  • Rich Strazdas
  •  Zach Setmire
2018 Pre-work:
  • Read and study your merit badge pamphlet.
  • Print the worksheet (link below) and complete as best you can.
  • Complete requirements 3c, 4c, 5a-b, 5d, 6a-b, and 9.
  • Practice requirements 4a-b.
2017 Field trip:
  • 1. MIT Haystack Observatory
    • Where: Millstone Road and Millstone Hill Rd, Westford, MA
    • When: _____________ from 9:30am - 11:30am
    • Click here for directions
    • Click here for a map
    • There is a closed gate on weekends, so park in the small lot at the intersection, next to the tall warehouse.
    • This is a walking tour, about 2.2 miles roundtrip to see all the facilities. Dress for outdoors, and wear comfortable footgear.
    • There is a possibility of an indoor tour. Otherwise, we’ll check out the huge antennae and learn about the work they do on a self-tour.
  • 2. Blue-card-o-rama
    • Where: 17 Villanova Drive, Westford, MA
    • When: 
    • Bring your BLUE CARD, and materials from requirements 5d (planet location), 6ab (moon sketches), 8 (visit/observe/photograph, if you didn’t attend the morning trip) and 9 (careers). We'll share and discuss each others' work in the warmth of indoors.
  • 3. Blanchard Middle School
    • Where: 14 West Street, Westford, MA
    • When: 
    • Click here for a map
    • Park at the right end of the lot (facing the school). We will walk 100 yards to an open field that is shielded from most lights.
    • Dress warmly, wear boots, bring a snack and drink (no glass) if desired, low-power flashlight, and BLUE CARD. Telescope or binoculars are optional and welcome. Expect to be out until 10 PM. Sunset is at 6:57 and astronomical twilight (when fainter stars become visible) is at 8:32. The moon is nearly full, so it will be high in the sky and rather bright. Seeing will not be optimal, but the moon will make a great last object for telescopic viewing.